Utterings/colliding interferences

In this iteration, Utterings will present their on-going practice in a mixed setup. As a networked practice, Utterings happens within the context of communicating at and across a distance. For ‘colliding interferences’, the group will explore the weird and delicate nature of the liminal space between music and language as well as the tension between live and online interaction. Annie Abrahams and Daniel Pinheiro will be physically present in the same space while connecting with others online, and investigate, through new interferences and their effect on the structure of “communication”, the implications of bringing both contexts together.
colliding interferences

29 / 06 / 2023 17h - 17h30

Symposium Cyberperformance: Artistic and Pedagogical Practices,
29 – 30 June, Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve.
Program .pdf
(over) tone / timbre

Exploring: tone (continuation); (“Think of tone as the emotional aspect of a sound. The pitch, intensity, and strength of the sound are all things that determine its tone.”)

Motivations: Something to have in the back of our minds for this iteration:
- When do I feel the need to utter? Do I do it in response? against? joining? listening?
- There is tone produced from the inside of the body - There is tone produced by body movement- There is tone produced by the mouth movements

Conditions: No dangling microphones. Sitting upright on a chair if possible.

Pauline Oliveros’ “Sound Patterns” from the Album “Extended Voices” (1967) (https://www.ubu.com/media/sound/extended_voices/Extended-Voices_1_Pauline-Oliveros.mp3)
Vaughan Williams - Vocalise for Theremin and Clarinet https://youtu.be/s-GPpsjNsY8
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen, schlaf' ein https://youtu.be/CPOzkkHBAqo
Extract of the performanceas seen and heard at the conference . (we didn't stay with tone :))

For a resume of the whole conference : Simpósio CyPeT - resumo do dia https://youtu.be/fu7FU-uzfus?feature=shared
Annie and Daniel performing in the same space in Faro. Same extract, but with sound only from Annie and Daniel.
Daniel: the physically and visually absent inputs materialize in the movements and sounds we produce - strange power.s
Annie: not that different being with Daniel in the same space - I was online in the first place, but I heard Daniel "better" / was more aware of the subtilities of what he was doing,

A conference visitor: "in the beginning it was "only" weird, and then slowly i started to see what you were trying - very interesting to be able to see you live performing, it accentuated the loneliness of the bodies"
Question: "Are you interested in what people take from your performance?" ......