we are not making music - it may be boring and that is ok - don't have ideas about what would be "good"
On the 15th Jan has to connect to the NMF via Riot 20 min before and needs to start streaming at exactly 20h20. Let's hope the whole system stabilizes quicker than it did today when we tested it.
Jan will stop the stream after 15 min. and can then warn us by joining in zoom with his microphone.

Last time we said it would be good to start at least 15 min before the official timeslot with our performance. So let's do that. We may also need a very short moment to discuss so let's connect on zoom at 19h50 the latest.

Let's also try the better zoom settings for sound. Here is a video with excellent instructions: https://youtu.be/50NoWIiYECA
In short it says that it is better using an external microphone and mixing panel (I don't have that).
- In the parameters of your zoom app turn off automatic volume settings.
- Go to advanced and allow "enable original sound". Now when in a zoom meeting you can enable and disable this feature.
- Also un-activate noise reduction.

Let's again individually think about the triggers / constraints we will use. And let's include each at least one movement trigger too.


“the single utterance, with all its individuality and creativity, can in no way be regarded as a completely free combination of forms of language … the word in language is half someone else’s” (Wertsch 1991, 58-59).

"everybody hears and listens differently, and that indeed being in a place (such as the network) already constitutes a subjective interference; a type of editing of place." ...
"Listening, so Nancy argues, leaves a space for a straining towards meanings. It is not immediately accessible, and Nancy understands listening more as a resounding, linked to self-reflection, through which the self becomes posited as a resonant
subject, rather than linked to understanding a specific context. In referring to the self, listening also has to do with participation, with sharing and contagion (Nancy, [2002] 2007, p. 10), and in shifting our focus towards sonority itself, listening puts us in a constant state of anticipation, of things about to occur, ready to happen." ...
"a listening that is characterised by a certain fragility, by the paradoxical situation of focusing on oneself while resisting one’s self-preoccupation in order to allow for the essential unselfing, a state of moving from oneself to the other."
From "Network[ed] Listening—Towards a De-centering of Beings" by Franziska Schroeder https://www.researchgate.net/publication/263410912_Networked_Listening-Towards_a_De-centering_of_Beings

A l'Ecoute, Jean Luc Nancy https://monoskop.org/images/1/15/Nancy_Jean-Luc_A_lecoute.pdf

Mots clefs choisis par Annie : ... retrait et repli, mise en résonance - une intensification et un souci, une curiosité ou une inquiétude - être tendu vers un sens possible, et par conséquent non immédiatement accessible - un autre son pour un autre sens que celui qui se parle - être en bordure du sens, ou dans un sens du bord et d'extrémité - vibrer en soi et de soi - le renvoi - accès à la forme, à la structure du "soi" en tant que tel - soi à soi, en soi et pour soi, hors de soi, même et autre que soi - le son est tendanciellement méthexique (c'est-à-dire dans l'ordre de la participation, du partage ou de la contagion) - un "en présence de" qui ne se laisse pas objectiver ni projeter au-devant - un venir et un passer, un s'étendre et un pénétrer - l'accord discordant qui règle l'intime en tant que tel - un "en même temps" essentiellement mobile - un lieu qui devient un sujet dans la mesure où le son y résonne - un sens insignifiable mais qui, peut être, se laisse ... écouter - le son (et/ou le sens) serait ce qui d'abord n'est pas visé - être disposé à l'entame du sens, et donc à une entaille, à une coupure dans l'indifférence in-sensé - peut-être n'écoute-t-on jamais que le non-codé, ce qui n'est pas encore cadré dans un système de renvois signifiants, et n'entend-on que le déjà codé qu'on décode. ...
Listening, Jean Luc Nancy, https://manchesterarthistory.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/listening-by-jean-luc-nancy.pdf

Keywords chosen by Annie: ... withdrawal and retreat, setting for resonance - an intensification and a concern, a curiosity or worry - stretched towards a possible sense, and therefore, not immediately accessible - a different sound for a different meaning than the one who talks - to be on the border of meaning, or to the edge and extremity - to vibrate in and of oneself - the return - access to the form, to the structure of the "self" as such - self to self, in self and for self, outside self, same and other than self - the sound is tendentally methexic (that is to say in the order of participation, sharing or contagion) - a "in the presence of" which does not allow for objectivation or projection ahead - a coming and a passing, an extending and a penetrating - the discordant agreement which regulates the intimate as such - an "at the same time" essentially mobile - a place that becomes a subject insofar as sound resonates there - an insignificant sense but which, perhaps, lets itself... be listened to - the sound (and/or the meaning) would be what is not aimed at in the first place - to be prepared for the beginning of a sense, and thus to a notch, a cut in the senseless indifference - maybe we never listen only to the uncoded, which is not yet framed in a system of meaningful cross-references, and only the already coded is heard and decoded....
Rough translation in English:
Alfred Jarry now has a posse too!
Utterings #4

Jyly 15th 20h20 Paris time
Network Music Festival
Second in line at the opening concert.

Live mainstage http://live.networkmusicfestival.org/

Using zoom and live streaming via OBS with the assistance of Jan de Weille.

Attunement: "Cantus Arcticus" by Einojuhani Rautavaara.

Warmup 15 min before timeslot.

Announcement: https://networkmusicfestival.org/programme/performances/utterings/
Everything about my thinking these days relates back to modular synthesis ( the next phase of my rig >> https://www.modulargrid.net/e/racks/view/1241922 ). I am currently wrestling with clock dividers, trying to get certain parts of the system to change in phase with other parts, but not all at the same time. Some parts quicker, some parts slower, but all in (a kind of) synch. It is annoying because you are pushing against a complex system where everything is dependent on everything else, and you can't always estimate the effect one change will have on the overall system. It feels cumbersome.

With this performance, again, it was like we were each our own module within the system, but not simply dumb machines. We could hear and attune and respond with intelligence and sensetivity, and on the fly (close to real time). It was fun having such immediate control (even though the whole system was still largely out of control, but in the best way).


At times it felt ecstatic, something I maybe only know from church when I was a child.
When we started this project I wrote that this was not about music making. Yesterday I felt that at a certain point you can't distinguish between communication and music anymore, that they can become the same.
We were listening more / better, than before, or I was (I want to read Nancy on listening and resonance again)
At points I felt very aware of how I reacted to the others / how underneath I am programmed to reply, to repeat something that feels like "calling" me and I tried to interrupt that tendency.


This was a very dense/intense one for me
I echo with a few things written by Annie, namely a sense of depth and listening amongst ourselves that was deeper than our previous times. I let go of trying to build something/trying to recreate the kind of energy/universe/quality we had at our last Utterings quite quickly, and landed in the one we were creating together. I tried to listen really as much as possible, to respect the triggers, and utter when the whole called for it, rather than for when I felt like it. The physical triggers were really helpful in keeping me engaged, but I wish I had diversified them more, and that I had included at least one sound related one.
This was pataphysical!