Every First Monday of the Month at 18h CET.
Open to all.
Meetings between people who don't use words to connect. Conversational with the voice as the starting point, but not necessary the only way to communicate.

Each session will start with a short introduction, where the "rules" of the session are set by all who participate. (visio)

Normally the session are in between 15 min. and one hour long. (sound ony)

Not performative but a research.
No audience only participants.

Archives: Sound recordings, a screencapture now and then.
02/05/22 18h intro 5 min. (visio)
Practice +/- 20 min. (sound only)
Let's try to go without rules this first time.
More info on Utterings from https://utterings.hotglue.me
A link to the practice venue will be available one hour before it starts.
Take care to be on time for the practice. There will be a waiting room and entrance will be closed after 5 min.
recording ututut1
with Annie Abrahams, Karla Ptacek,
Ienke Kastelein
Third practice ut ut ut : 01/08/22 18h CET.

No evaluation afterwards, but comments, reactions via email are welcome.
Fourth practice ut ut ut : 05/09/22 18h CET.
06/06/22 18h CET intro + setting of rules/constraints 5 min. (visio) + practice 20 min. (sound only). Rule: include more silence.
recording utut2
with Annie Abrahams, Daniel Pinheiro,
Ienke Kastelein
The 04/07 session has been cancelled,
Please join us again in August.