Follow-up on 24/04 + 05/05 2023
Sessions (over) tone / timbre
Tone Again
17/12/23 6pm CET
Hélas Nerina couldn't assist, so we were four to experiment tone again.
We used Berio Sequenza III as attunement:
After a lovely, interesting 30 min session we discussed how to continue. Decided to do regular sessions based on a 'musical' concept as for instance harmonie, tone, rhythm or drone.
Download of the .mp3 of Tone Again or listen via soundcloud.
unclear statements, interjections, and exclamations

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Quick Ai recap of our session:
The meeting focused on troubleshooting audio issues and discussing potential settings for future meetings. The team decided to stick with the original sound setting and record the session for future reference. The meeting was characterized by disjointed and unclear communication, with no clear decisions, alignments, next steps, action items, or open questions provided.

The complete 4366 char report as .pdf. Hilarious.
a series of unclear statements, interjections, and exclamations
we are rebels escaping capture ... are we?
Individual sound recordings - silences edited out: 4 different durations, 4 different patterns, 4 different styles, 4 different microphones, 1 processing algorithm.
Soundfiles available for research via a private message to one of the members.