Follow-up of 24/04 + 05/05 2023
Sessions (over) tone / timbre
Tone Again
17/12/23 6pm CET
Hélas Nerina couldn't assist, so we were four to experiment tone again.
We used Berio Sequenza III as attunement:
After a 30 min session we discussed how to continue. Decided to do regular sessions based on a 'musical' concept as for instance harmonie, tone, rhythm or drone.
Download of the .mp3 of Tone Again or listen via soundcloud.
Zoom has a new feature: the Ai compagnon.
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Quick Ai recap of our session:
The meeting focused on troubleshooting audio issues and discussing potential settings for future meetings. The team decided to stick with the original sound setting and record the session for future reference. The meeting was characterized by disjointed and unclear communication, with no clear decisions, alignments, next steps, action items, or open questions provided.

The complete 4366 char report as .pdf. Hilarious.
a series of unclear statements, interjections,
and exclamations
we are rebels escaping capture ... are we?
Individual sound recordings - silences edited out: 4 different durations, 4 different patterns, 4 different styles, 4 different microphones, 1 processing algorithm.
Soundfiles available for research via a private message to one of the members.
10/03/24 9pm CET
Atunement 5 min of SUNN O))) - Pyroclasts (Full Album)

Three 10 min tries - difficult to organise breathing, to stay with same tone and with zoom, that glitched / crashed ... left us isolated / frustrated in the second test...
next time we will try a different platform: jitsi - less sophistication / formatting / capitalising might suit us more.
Mp3 of third droning test. Zoom can't handle our sounds and is treating Constança's voice badly,
Image of second droning test. Zoom can't handle our sounds at all, crashes, cuts , alters...
Nerina wrote:

Absence as Utterer = presence elsewhere
Spending hours listening to my daughter's breath in her sleep, learning it by heart so as to decrypt it and know when to put her down without waking her up is a form of deep listening. Not uttering but practicing what makes uttering possible. So, I don't feel far away from my fellow utterers, even though I seemingly let them down at each session.
Meanwhile, Myrte is starting her own uttering, syllables that match tones and rhythms, smiles and giggles to pneumatic utterings of our own. It's a different time, and yet fully immersed in it, it demands and facilitates the kind of presence our band also requires.
12 / 05 21h droning again with attention to rhythm (breath, modular, relational). We will try the platform. (results/consequences soon to come)

PHILL NIBLOCK / Nothin To Look At Just A Record
Image of testing 22/04
Is "social virtuosity" a concept we could use?

Nicols outlines what has contributed to her concept of ‘social virtuosity’. This concept was developed in tandem with her own extensive lived experience of music making, both with musicians acknowledged as ‘virtuosos’ in their field and with those in a wide range of facilitated and self-regulated community music making. Nicols coined the term to describe the profound excellence that can come from deeply connected, collective music making amongst participants of varied abilities. Both individual virtuosity and social virtuosity have an important role to play in the arts, but their cultural impacts are very different. The tendency for commodification of art based on exceptional individual virtuosity creates a subjective aesthetic supremacy which dictates what is and what is not ‘valuable’ art and music, negating the possibility that everybody has something valuable to offer, discouraging participation and excluding some of the most interesting contributions. Maggie Nicols 2023 in

Via Social Virtuosity with Eva-Maria Houben at IKLECTIK
30 / 06 21h droning again with attention to rhythm (breath, modular, relational). with separate sound streams test, if possible

Atunement Eva-Maria Houben

download mp3 extract from session on 12 / 05 : is prioritazing conversation, singular voices and interferes largely with our sound production. the algo is in fact the most determining factor in the process and result. this can be nice if you play with it (Annie likes the result), but also very annoying (Constança hates it). We would like to try separate soundstreams.