utterings #1
22/02/2020 16h30, Audioblast #8, APO-33, Nantes FR.

utterings #2
31/03 at 18h30 (CET) Online.

utterings #3
05/05, 21h Paris time. Online.
Duration 2 hours.

utterings #4
15/07/2020 20h,
Network Music Festival.

11/09/2020, 19:00-19h30 GMT+2.
Live-Stream + Screening in the Club Venue
more information
2019 - ongoing
preparations, protocol, triggers, video
preparation, protocol, reactions, video
info, notes, soundfile
info, notes, thoughts, reactions, image, video
We're All Bats Listening Arts Channel.

20/11 2020 "New Language"
27/11 2020 "Above Rationality"
04/12 2020 "Transmissions"
19h30 - 19h55 CET Paris time

04/04 2021 "Weaving Triggers"
11/04 2021 "! {Tricks & Habits}"
18/04 2021 "Patatuning"
5.00 – 6.30 pm UTC, workshop.
6.30 – 7.00 pm UTC, performance.
Season II preparations, notes, archives
April 2021 Season IV
Workshop + performance notes etc.
tangential experiments - mix
"Supra Semiotics"
26-28 May 2021
ELO 2021 Conference and Festival: Platform (Post?) Pandemic.
Panel presentation and lead performance.
Videos, notes, .pdf to reariting of the panel
and .pdf of
the transcription of the panel presentation.
"in length we find release"
21/10 2021 19h Paris time
Performance 60 min.
17TH ADAF ONLINE 2021 | Tāctus
Proposition, attunement, notes
4 sessions in 2022.
Utterings is a networked performance and research group whose members gather online and, while blindfolded, engage in utterings as communication. We want to create an on the fly “new” language, that forwards attention, trust and feelings, above rationality.
24/03/2023 14h. Projection of Utterings "Transmission" video, followed by a workshop in the EICAS Museum, Deventer, the Netherlands.
More Information in Dutch
30/01 2023 a metaconversation
22/04 Session tone/timbre
05/05 Session (over) tone/timbre
research, transcript, info's
Preparations, attunement, video extracts, reactions.
The strange power.s of the bodies in space.
29/06/2023 17h "Colliding Interferences"
Duration 30 min.
Symposium Cyberperformance: Artistic and Pedagogical Practices, Gambelas Campus, University of Algarve.
17/12/2023 tone again - notes and sound - zoom's AI bot thinks our gathering is disjointed, has unclear statements, interjections, and exclamations
10/03/2024 droning
12/05/2024 testing common.garden
30/06/2024 social virtuosity
images, sounds, info's